lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Live your life

Have a nice summer and ... see you soon !!

You've got the whole world in your pocket
But you just don't know
Everybody's smilin' at you everywhere you go
It's like you've got that secret
That everybody else wants to know

Anywhere you are is just like home to you
From the beaches in Manila
Down to Katmandu

Yeah you've got that secret
That everybody else wants to know
But you won't ever let it go oh

Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life

Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life

We take a whole room full of strangers
And we make them friends
We do it all around the world
Just so it never ends
It don't matter where we're coming from or going to
You're the only one that ever turns a grey sky blue
And everybody needs a friend like you

Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life

Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life


Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life

Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life

martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Secretary documents

Guide to document preparation


 In this page you can find a lot of information about how to prepare documents and what secretaries must do in order to write documents properly.

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Secretarial English

In this page you can find examples about all types of documents that secretaries need.  It´s a very useful page.

jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Secretarial tasks and interesting documents


This page has a lot of useful tips to become a good secretary.
It tells us about important secretarial tasks.

This page  is about conversations on many topics,  useful expressions to use at work and other interesting links.

lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

Improve your English

This is a website with a lot of vocabulary, easy to use, very useful and highly recommended for secretarial students, although  this page is in Spanish, it is a very good website from which we can learn very much.

jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Secretary jobs

I recommend this site because it offers information on requirements, salary... it shows how to find a job related to secretary.

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

English Spanish Link.

Here, you can find a lot of examples of covering letters, CVs,  formal e-mails, and many resources which will help you to be a better secretary (maybe the best).

martes, 2 de abril de 2013


This website includes vocabulary, grammar, exercises... this website is higly recommended for secretarial students. This page contains important vocabulary for business English, more than a hundred essential verbs, phrases, how to write a CV in English, business correspondence, etc...

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Tips and tricks for the Secretary and Office professional in English

On this site you can get very useful information about tips and tricks for the Secretary and Office professional in English. You will be able to learn how to manage with:

- The diary
- Internet Based e-mail 
- Telephone Messages
- That all important cup of tea
- Appointments
- When clients arrive for an appointment early
- What to do when your boss is absent from the office
- Chores/Tasks or Messages you're not to forget
- Telephone Speed Dial
- Cleaning your computer screen
- Software to save time 

You can also see links to forums, blogs, job vacancies, etc,

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013


This website provides a lot of vocabulary, phrases and a lot of useful information related to business: telephone, presentations, etc. This website also has word games, fun activities even grammar lessons. If you are studyng secretarial studies, this web is for you!

lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

Official graduate careers

This page is about different jobs. Salary and training conditions, career development etc. In conclusion all information about official graduate careers.
I recommend this page because here you can study to become a secretary and you can look for a job abroad.


viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Very very very very very important website

In this website you will learn and practise vocabulary related to office administration: Describing office skills, giving positive and negative instructions and secretarial roles. The website include other unit to learn English.

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Resume Templates

On this site you will find all the information you need to build your resume and to have a successful job search!

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013


In this website we have a lot of exercises and games about business vocabulary. You ´ll have to choose between three different options to fill the empty gaps. It´s a different way to study and learn about business, presentations. There are a lot of games and  topics you can choose.

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013


In this page you can do a lot of english exercises, grammar exercises and learn English online.
I like this site because I find it very interesting.

Secretarial information

This website provides us Secretarial, Office and Administrative Professionals information, tips and tricks or tutorials. This website is also useful for being a good secretary.

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

What is the role of the secretary?

This site is about the role of the secretary. It is about the things that the secretary should do and it says which her responsabilities are.

Learn English

This page has quizzes, tests, excercises and puzzles to help you to learn English as a Second Language. It has excercises of grammar, vocabulary and crossword.

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Office vocabulary

This site is a useful tool, because it has a lot of office vocabulary which can help you at work. Also, you can practice your English with fun games and quizes.

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Welcoming a visitor

Now, it's your turn. You are welcoming visitors from another country. Ask them about their journey, the reason for their visit, their job, their home town, and their first impressions.

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013



                4. CONFIRMING THE BOOKING

                                                             6.  E-MAIL

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Learning languages

"Nowadays, learning languages is necessary for our lives. Every day, English is more and more used and spoken worldwide. 

In my opinion, English is essential for business. A lot of companies have employees from different countries, so English is the language used among them. In addition, a person who speaks different languages will have more advantages to find a job. Besides, there are many people who have to emigrate to get a job and they need to speak the foreign language fluently.
Moreover, English is important to communicate with people, when we travel abroad, we can speak in shops, hotels, restaurants…

In short, it is important to study languages. Learning a new language is fun. It doesn't have to be something stressful. It depends on your willpower and motivation".
                                                                                     (By Patricia Del Pino)

What do you think?  Should everyone learn different foreign languages? Should we study them at school instead of subjects such as Religious Education, Music, Art, Physical Education...? What subjects should we study at school since we are children?

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Very very very very very useful website

This website includes General Business English.You can use a interactive tutorial, import-export expression and learn vocabulary. There are differents subjects.

lunes, 28 de enero de 2013



         British Council is a very interesting web (offered by the British council obviously) where you can find a big amount of information about:

-         Teaching centres (both in Spain or abroad)
-         English courses (business English, Exam preparation CAE, CPE, FCE, general English for adults or for young learners, IELTS preparation courses, intensive courses, summer courses...)
-         Exams related to English learning (types, dates, prices, where to prepare them, support...)
-         Teaching resources
-         Education in Spain and in Britain (system, more frequent questions, accomodation, possibilities...)
-         British Council schools....

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

OM Personal

I like this page because it has two levels: medium and advanced.
The levels are divided into ten lessons, where you can do many exercises and hear the dialogues that will help you to learn English. Besides, every five lessons, you have the possibility to go through a test to check your knowledge.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Business vocabulary

This site offers a list of vocabulary, useful phrases and terms used in all areas of business. Without a doubt, if you work as a secretary, you are going to need to know all the terms. Besides, you have a few crosswords to practice your business english.