lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

What's the meaning of Christmas?

Watch this video with subtitles on English central

Now, it's your turn. What does Christmas mean to you? Leave your comments, please.

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012


"Opening doors to learning and working in Europe"

If you want to enrol in an education or training programme, look for a job or get experience abroad, it is important to be able to make your skills and competences clearly understood.

Europass is a new way to help you make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe.

They have also published a video to present the Europass documents.

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Questions and answers for a job interview

  1. Why do you want to work here? Why should I hire you? 
          My experience in the area of secretarial work makes me very suitable for this position. I believe I am one of the most suitable candidates to carry out the position on offer.
     2.   Why did you leave you last job?
          For personal reasons I have had to change my residence to this city, finishing my services with the aforementioned company in January.

     3.    How do you describe yorself?
            I believe I am an open, precise, productive, punctual, hard-working, consistent and friendly person in my work.

     4.   What studies do you have?
            I have a Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies and I believe I meet the requirements fot this post.

                                                                                                By: Rocio Rodriguez.

Leaving a message

Watch the videos and complete the message pads with the right information

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

CVs and Cover letters

Here you are some interesting sites about CVs and getting a job.

Have a look and leave in the comments some Dos and Don'ts about them.

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

How to succeed at an interview

Tips for job interviews

There is a lot you can do before, during and afterwards to help things go well.
When you attend an interview you are going to be asked about your educational background, work experience, skills, personal qualities etc and it will be your chance to convince your potential employer that you are the perfect candidate he or she is looking for. So, it is important to be well prepared and learn different tips and strategies that will help you succeed and get the job.

Before the interview

1. Take time to find out information about the company. Why? Because, you may be asked questions specifically related to the company and it may be easier for you to answer them if you have that information in advance.
2. As you are going to talk about yourself, about your work career etc...prepare it previously so later, you can do it in detail and accurately.Talk freely but try to be precise and concise.
3. Review typical questions you are most likely to be asked and think carefully about the answers. If you can anticipate obvious questions you can plan your answers and you will feel and sound more confident. (See link below about useful questions)
4. Make a list of questions you want to ask at the interview. If you are nervous and you will be, you may forget about them.
5. Dress formally. Don't wear casual clothes.If you look smart and well groomed it will mean that you are taking the interview seriously.
6. Check day, time and where it is. It could be awful if you went on the wrong day!
7. Arrive in good time. Try to be five or ten minutes earlier than your appointment time.
8. Just before the interview, focus your attention on your breathing, long slow deep breath should help calm down your butterflies!

During the interview

1. Good impressions are important.When you come into the room, the first impression you are going to make on the interviewer can be decisive for the rest of the interview. So, introduce yourself, shake hands firmly, and be friendly and polite. A smile to start with, can relax you and everyone else.
2. Try to stay relaxed, it´s difficult because you want to do well and be chosen for the post but you should be able to control yourself.
3. Pay atention to your body language. Body language can give the interviewer a lot of information about you. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer, don't slouch and don't fidget with your hair or jewellery!
4. Always tell the truth and be honest.This is a golden rule.
5. Be positive about youself.You might feel as if you were selling yourself. Don't worry, you are!. Remember, "sell your assets not your defects"
6. Avoid saying "yes" or "no" answers. Give reasons for your answers but go straight to the point and don't beat about the bush!
7. If you have questions to ask, this is the right moment to do it. Show that you are interested in the job.
8. Thank the interviewer for seeing you before you leave

After the interview

Learn from the interview. Be positive and if you don't get the job, think what and how you can improve the next time.

In your opinion, what are the most important points to bear in mind when attending a job interview? Leave your comments, please.

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miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Cover letter

The cover letter is your first opportunity to convince the employer that you are the perfect person for the post.

There are different ways and steps to write a cover letter:
State how you learned of the post, and specify clearly the job you are applying for.
Personal information
Full name, age, main interests.
Schools, Institutes, Colleges , University Degrees and Courses.
Work Experience
Identify post, enterprise, period of time , responsibilities.
If requested.

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martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

International exhibition


Greencities Sostenibilidad

Date: From 07-NOV-12 to 09-NOV-12

It will take place in Malaga, Spain for three consecutive days. In this international trade show energy efficiency in building will be given supreme importance. The main purpose of this expo is to make the renewable energy industry aware of the latest and advanced developments which are taking place in this sector. This event will attract the leading industrialists related to renewable energy industry from all over the world.
Greencities Sostenibilidad will give a wonderful opportunity to the professional experts to improve and enhance their knowledge. The improvement in knowledge will help the renewable energy industry to adopt the latest techniques which are required for energy consumption. Latest energy saving techniques will also be highlighted in this expo.

Venue: Trade fair & Congress Center of Malaga, Andalucia,Spain.
(Taken from here)

Task to do:

Your partner is going to be a visitor at  Greencities Sostenibilidad. Write a short Visitor profile about him/her for the Greencities Special Edition.

The deadline for the assignment will be the 22nd of October 

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

English to Communicate

Welcome to our blog called ETC "English to Communicate". We are a very nice group of students attending a vocational training course in Secretarial Studies and we would like to share all that interesting and useful information we find with all of you. Pictures, activities, articles...everything will be in English, which is probably one of the most important languages in the world of employement. Don't make English be a wall, make it a door.